Have you ever thought about running your own business where you can work the hours that suit you and fit it around your existing work commitments, your family or to strike out on your own.  The Buggy Spa are offering franchises in order for you to start your own business.  What are the advantages of running you own franchise?
  • You take on a proven business model
  • You have the support of an established business in setting up
  • You work the hours you want suited to your lifestyle
  • What you put in you get out
  • No boss to answer to
  • You choose the jobs that you take
Why take up The Buggy Spa as your franchise?
  • The Buggy Spa is a unique business that fulfils a need for new and existing parent
  • The Buggy Spa is a new franchise type that does not have any equivalent
  • The Buggy Spa was set up by working Mums that have been through the pain of establishing a business and the rewards of it being successful
  • The Buggy Spa has a brand identity.
What do I get with The Buggy Spa as my Franchise?
  • Exclusive access to the members only part of The Buggy Spa website
  • A unique buggy Spa e-mail address to manage your own bookings
  • Start up kit including all the materials needed to clean your first buggy
  • Branded advertising materials that you can utilise to establish you business
  • Training
  • E-mail and telephone support
  • Quotation tool