About Us

We are...

a small, local business, originally set up early 2017 by a mum of one (frustrated after a particularly muddy winter). The Buggy Spa was launched to provide parents with a fast, efficient and affordable valet service.

Our aim is to have your baby back in their sparkling clean buggy before you even know it's gone!

We do...

deep cleaning, and fast! We promise a 48 hour turnaround. We don't offer different services, there's no "platinum package" option - we just clean your buggy/travel system/car seat for a flat fee.


No hidden extras and no fancy add-ons.


Click here for our pricing details.


Don't have the space, time or tools to clean your buggy at home? Here are some reasons you should consider a professional deep clean:

  • Second hand purchase

  • Pre-storage clean

  • Post-storage clean

  • Before selling

  • General dirt and mud

  • Food and drink damage 

  • Sickness or nappy explosions that you just can't face